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I have the best fucking rabbits ever. Seriously. When I first started, I went the usual beginner’s route, attempting to show an American Fuzzy Lop I traded a dining room table for on Craigslist. That garbage rabbit was balding and peed in the judge’s hands while she was trying to check his underside. Total shitshow. I have nothing against Lops, but this was no show rabbit. Not like my Giant Angoras. They are next-level Best in Show BAMF beauties. Georgia, Kingsley, and all of their babies sleep in my bed with me. They require a lot of upkeep but damn they’re beautiful. I renovated my master bathroom myself, like a fucking wizard, to make it an upscale rabbit salon to keep my kids stain-free and glossy. For my Jersey Woolies, Harrison and Miranda, I turned my office into their sanctuary with doll beds I customized from IKEA and heated floors so their feet don’t get cold. I keep all of their awards in there too, so they’ll always know that they’re fucking winners. It keeps them motivated.