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I was tricked into being a tennis linesperson for one afternoon. To be honest, I don’t really know anything about tennis. I don’t think I’d even seen an actual tennis match before then. You know what, the details aren’t important. The good part is the game was boring for a while until it got real exciting. I mean, I think the game got exciting. I got excited. The crowd was clapping and the players were changing their shoes and my supervisor was pointing at me. I still don’t know what she wanted me to do, but I tried to wing it. I tried. I jogged onto the court and waved at the crowd and they cheered even louder. I think they cheered louder. I mean, it seemed louder to me. It completely made sense at the time; I was supposed to do some cartwheels. Well, I attempted a cartwheel. I fell onto the net and obviously I got tangled in it and dragged it behind me as I left. Okay, so I tried to leave. I was caught in the net and couldn’t walk real good and eventually I was escorted out. Forcibly removed. Whatever.