“Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, refused to commit to accepting the results of her election, using much of the same language that former President Donald J. Trump did when he was a candidate.” — New York Times

- - -

It has been brought to my attention that certain media outlets are speculating on whether or not I will accept the results of the upcoming election. I want to take this opportunity to clear the air and state on record that whatever the election outcome, as long as I win, I pledge to honor the results.

Furthermore, if I win, I will not undermine the democratic process. I firmly believe that the right to vote, free and fair elections, and a tradition of candidates graciously accepting defeat are the pillars that hold our democracy aloft. The founders of this great nation understood the importance of voting. It’s what makes our Constitution so unique. It’s what separates our country from the likes of China or Russia. Our founders gave us the building blocks to hold free and fair elections. And as long as I win, I vow to uphold the election process and carry on the traditions that our founders set forth so many years ago.

To be specific, if it is determined that I have more votes, I give you my word that I will not accuse local election officials, voting machine manufacturers, or even my opponent’s party of cheating. I will not cry foul.1 When I win, I will accept the results graciously. On social media (after it has been announced that I have more votes), I will thank my opponent, my supporters, and this great state. And I promise not to post baseless claims of voter fraud from dubious Russian websites, immature memes, or even speculate that a cabal of lizard people are conspiring with world leaders to ensure that I never become governor.2

What if the election is close? What if the results hinge on a single district? Or perhaps a thousand votes? As long as I win, even if it’s only by a margin of ten votes, I promise not to request a recount. Frankly, as a fiscal conservative, as long as I win, I see no reason why taxpayers should foot the bill to count the votes a second time. The votes have already been counted once; we don’t need to count them again.3 I pledge not to waste a single dime recounting the ballots by hand.4 Or hiring my friends as “independent” consultants.5 Big government means big bureaucracy; I say let’s cut the red tape and stick with the initial results of the election.6

If I win, I also promise not to delay the election’s outcome. Citizens deserve to learn the results of an election in a timely manner. Keeping people waiting for an indeterminate amount of time is not fair. Therefore, if I win, I will immediately accept the outcome. Assuming I win, I will not drag my feet by appealing to the court system. I will not pressure local leaders to find votes in my favor or ask the attorney general to intervene.7 If it is determined that I won, I see no reason to obstruct the voting process in any manner.

My constituents can rest assured that regardless of the outcome, I will accept the election results as long as I win. In fact, to expedite the democratic process, I may declare victory before the polls close. I may even claim victory before polls open.

Thank you for voting and for trusting me to safeguard the democratic process.

- - -

1 As long as I win.

2 As long as I win.

3 As long as I win.

4 As long as I win.

5 As long as I win.

6 As long as I win.

7 Assuming that I have more votes.