His and Hers custom-made action figures: $7,500
Burberry reversible dog jacket: $195
Neiman Marcus “exclusive” leather, gold, and pewter Scrabble/Monopoly set (also available in Men’s Furnishings): $4,000
25 Hours Flying Time in Gulfstream IV-SP: $299,000
Henry Dunay “North Pole” jeweled figurine: $140,000
Neiman Marcus limited-edition 2004 Cadillac XLR: $85,000
Watch winder: $450
Timothy Richards bookends and limited-edition autobiographies signed by Jack Nicklaus: $2,5000
Gourmet tamales (set of 18): $70
Slot machine: $2,350
14 oz. Tin of Eleni’s fashion cookies: $65
Cameo portraiting service: $5,000
Hinckley T29 R Yacht: $258,500
Neiman Marcus Burberry London taxi: $589,000
His and Hers chocolate mummies: $65
Roberto Cavalli sequined paisley jeans: $416