“Does that student tour guide have a piercing through their septum? Isn’t this an Ivy League school?”

“Didn’t we see that kid in Boston? He’s cute, right?”

“I’m dehydrated.”

“She said they’re looking at 20 schools in 10 days.”

“Did he just say he’s a queer-non-binary-Latinx-first-gen-theater-geek-majoring-in-Russian-Studies-and-Computer-Science?”

“Why is that student tour guide wearing a $1000 parka? I don’t care how cold it gets here.”

“They said the food really is good here!”

“They said the weather really isn’t that bad here!”

“What state are we in today?”

“I thought when they said, ‘power structures’ and ‘space’ they were talking about the electrical grid and NASA.”

“Zip up your jacket, it’s freezing.”

“So it’s my fault we lost our car/got a parking ticket/got towed/got locked out?”

“Open curriculum. No requirements. Wait, what?”

“Let’s walk by the [insert your ethnicity] House, just to see. Just to see!”

“When I was in college…”

“We really got a lot of steps today!”