“We always get the same breed of dog” rich

“My wife is a lawyer-who-doesn’t-practice” rich

“The refrigerator looks like a cabinet” rich

“Our summer home has a name” rich (but not in a racist way)

“We host the Break-Fast on Yom Kippur” rich

“Won’t listen to the soundtrack before we see the Broadway musical” rich

“All of the family cars are interchangeable” rich

“None of my kids’ friends know which TV remote to use” rich

“Everyone sees therapists who don’t take any insurance” rich

“My kids have to petition very hard to quit fencing” rich

“Significant others of only a few months are invited on vacation” rich

“Kids choose college based on architectural vibes” rich

“The au pair sticks around after all of the kids have left for college” rich

“I self-publish a mediocre novel in my retirement” rich