Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Nunc vestri genitores sumus
“We are your parents now.”

Department of Justice
Deus ipse nobis dixit consilia recta esse
“God himself told us our plans are just.”

White House Office of the Press Secretary
Ficti pravique tenax
“Steadfast in misinformation and deception.”

Homeland Security
Cavete Canadianos!
“Beware of the Canadians!”

National Security Council
Gentes omnes delendae sunt
“All nations must be destroyed.”

Department of the Interior
Geologus sum
“I am a geologist.”

Environmental Protection Agency
Noster dux sordidior fluminibus
“Our boss is dirtier than the rivers.”

Department of Energy
Carbonem plus pulmonibus amamus
“We love coal more than our lungs.”

Department of Education
Discipulos iuribus expoliare et ursis tueri
“Depriving students of rights and protecting them from bears.”

State Department
Socios hostes facimus
“We turn allies into enemies.”

Department of Transportation
Omnia nundina sunt nundina compagium
“Every week is infrastructure week.”

Housing and Urban Development
Ubi una mensa carior quam tota insula est
“Where one table costs more than an entire housing project.”

Government Accountability Office
Fuit quondam in hac re publica virtus
“There was once virtue in this republic.”

Health and Human Services
Multi in morbum cadent, multi esurient
“Many will fall ill, many will go hungry.”

National Endowment for the Humanities
Doctrina neglecta in tenebris iacet
“Knowledge has been abandoned and lies in the darkness.”

Social Security Administration
Hodie nobis pecuniam datis, dabimus nihil vobis cras
“You give us money today, we give you nothing tomorrow.”

Office of the First Lady
Ferte auxilium, domum redire volo
“Send help, I want to go home.”

Oval Office
Hae parietes talem cladem nunquam viderunt
“These walls have never seen such a disaster.”

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