Septem annis
“Within seven years”

Convivium, fornicatio, prae omnibus aes
“Partying, fornication, and above all debt”

Per aspera ad malam occupationem
“Through adversity to a bad job”

Dormire quam superare
“To sleep rather than to excel”

Cibum, cervisiola, convictus
“Food, beer, hanging out”

Non volamus, vix reptamus
“We do not fly, we barely crawl”

Caeci procedimus
“We forge ahead aimless”

Certationes maxime amare
“Loving sports the most”

Magna collatione parva sapientia
“Meager wisdom through a large payment”

Noli hic rem facere ridiculam
“Don’t be an idiot here”

Semper foetida contubernia
“The dorms are always smelly”

Domum genitorum redire
“Returning to your parents’ house”

Intelligentes videmur, stultiores quoque sumus
“We seem intelligent, we are actually rather stupid”