Everyone Stick Together Rock

Shirley I’m Not Going to Hold You Right Now Rock

What Justin I’m Busy Rock

Jeremy Can You Hold Your Sister for a Sec—I Said I’m Busy Justin Rock

Carla Get Away From That Edge Rock

This Instant Rock

Don’t You Look at Me Like That Young Lady Rock

Justin Todd Baker Mommy’s Trying to Work Rock

Carla I Swear If You Fall Rock

No Justin Puppy’s at Home Rock

What What’s That Rock

Wait Till Your Father Hears About This Rock

Don’t You Talk Back to Me Rock

I Know a Certain Somebody Who Won’t Be Having a Slumber Party Rock

Jeremy Why’s Shirley’s Sweater on the Ground Rock

Justin Not Now Rock

Shouldn’t You Be Holding Shirley What Do You Mean You Put Her Down Rock

Where’s Your Sister Rock

What Do You Mean You Don’t Know Rock

Shirley Shirley Rock