“He kept calling my kid Frank even though his name is Thomas.” – Susie M, Brentwood

“My daughter was sunburned even though I know for a fact they were indoors all day.” – Barbara L, Franklin

“He found my adopted son’s birth parents. This was not his place.” – Bart F, Nashville

“My twins now believe they can read minds simply by holding each other’s hands” – Melinda R, Nashville

“Completely redecorated house. Gave my dog the master bed room.” – Frank C, Mt. Juliet

“Asked neighbors ‘what my deal was’” – Carla P, Brentwood

“Took my child trick or treating in the middle of July dressed as Herman Melville. Was this some sort of statement?” – Richard K, Mt. Vernon

“Walked straight through our home and immediately started cleaning our pool. Never spoke a word.” – Kelly E, Hillsborough