“He is a social animal.”

“She is a social animal.”

“Am I right for the zoo?”

“Am I properly dressed for the zoo?”

“Am I right for the unemployment office?”

“Excuse me: How can I get to 14th street and 5th Avenue?”

“Take the D train then change to the N at Dekalb to Union Square.”

“He took.”

“She took.”

“They take.”

“I take.”

“Is that a nice neighborhood?”

“Yes. That is a nice neighborhood.”

“Oh yes. That’s an excellent neighborhood.”

“A nice neighborhood.”

“An excellent neighborhood.”

“That’s a black neighborhood.”


“That’s a Spanish neighborhood.”

“Don’t litter.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Don’t go.”

“Do not do it. Do not go.”

“It’s a very dirty neighborhood.”

“It is a very dirty neighorhood.”

“It is a clean neighborhood.”

“It’s a very dirty neighborhood.”

“Keep the city clean.”

“We are lost. Can you help us to find Lincoln Center?”

“We are lost.”

“She is lost.”

“I am lost.”

“We are lost.”