At Kroger on Monday, while picking out a turkey with your mom
Which was unexpected, but she is looking good. And no ring? You thought you heard that she got married right after college. Is she single now?

The Mall parking lot, the next day, just outside of Sears
Which was her secret spot for being able to get a good parking spot. That’s right, she DID say she had to stop by the mall today when you talked at Kroger. You must have forgotten. She’s just leaving? Cool. Well you’re in town all weekend. Who knows; you might run into each other again, it’s a small town!

On the other side of Henderson St, while you hid behind a lamppost
You spotted her with another guy, but it looks like she was just with her dad. He always liked you. You should cross the street and say hello.

The dentist office she works as a hygienist in on Wednesday
After you chipped your tooth. You swear you always ate walnuts in the shell, but she’s right. You’ll crack them next time. She always was pretty smart. And you were always pretty slick.

On the swings in the park you first kissed at?
Around 10:00? After it closes. Well, you’ll be there, in case she wants to show up. Hey, there she is!

Her bedroom, early the next morning, as you sneak home to your parents’ house in total darkness
You should get together again soon. You’re still in town for a few more days and it feels like there is something there. Hey, Happy Thanksgiving!

The parking lot outside of Kroger, but only for a few minutes
Because you “forgot” the non-dairy creamer for Uncle Dennis. (Your bad.) And she needed to run out and get stuff for the stuffing. (Her bad!) Stuffing. You both laugh at that. And laugh at sneaking around like back in High School. You’re pretty sure a girl you had Home Room with saw you making out against a Dodge Durango. She’s still cute. What was her name? Heather? No. That’s not right.

Your parent’s basement after the family has fallen asleep watching football
She still remembers the way to sneak in. She’s not as spry as she used to be. You don’t remember having to help her through the half window before. Or her wanting to talk so much. You begin to hope she doesn’t want to spend the whole night. You’d kind of like to fall asleep watching a movie.

Three checkout lanes over at Kohl’s on Black Friday while ironically picking up an automatic card shuffler
You see her buying kid’s Spider-man pajamas. Why would she buy those? There must be a donation thing at work. She did always have a big heart. That must be it. Those are for someone else. God, you hope she doesn’t have kids. Why wouldn’t she have mentioned it if she did? You can’t imagine having kids. Wait — did you feed the fish before you left town?

Grabbing a drink at The Extra Innings Bar around the corner from your old house
She looks a little different in this light. She’s still hot, but her eyes seem a little older, like this bar. Man, this used to be the hot place to go to on a Friday night. You’ve heard “Hey Soul Sister” played on the jukebox three times tonight. Can you actually see yourself back here?

The backseat of her mini-van behind The Extra Innings Bar, once she moves the car seats
Her car seats. Shit. She’s picking up her kids tomorrow morning from her ex. Would you like to meet them? You should meet them if you’re going to be around. Is she starting to cry?

Ducking down as you pass by her house
Sending a text message, driving out of town in your 2015 Ford Mustang a day early.

At Kroger again, after ignoring her Facebook friend requests for a year
Shit, you forgot she goes to this one, now. But, she is looking good…