Hey, this is the best news we’ve had all day!

Whoa. Blasting molecular bonds?

The Soviets have done it for years!

The sad state of U.S. science

Dont we have a war going on somewhere and they are slicing cheese

There is a war going on between Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

I loved Luxenbourg

As an american living here there is no sign of war, maybe between Chile and Bolivia

Didn’t Al Gore already invent this?

But Dubya has perfected it!

Libs oppose cutting cheese!

Al Gore Invented Lasers Pointers

Hey! Pull my laser pointer!


Dear Lord, they can’t even leave us the cheese!

I cut some cheese with my ass

I just use a knife

I use a samurai warrior

You obviously take your cheese-cutting very seriously.

I don’t think they have cheese in Japan.

This marks a new beginning, I’m sure, in all sorts of cutting

This is why Muslims hate us !!!

That’s the great thing about America

Jane! Stop this Crazy Thing!