Full House
Their house is full. Yours has been empty since Grandmother’s departure.

The show about nothing means everything as sweet Grandmother dwindles in hospice.

Zach Braff cannot save Grandmother from her dementia-induced vacancy.

No one told you life was going to be this way.

The Golden Girls
They mock you with their cognizance. Grandmother stares blankly. You weep.

The Honeymooners
Grandmother reminisces her honeymoon in a delusion. Her fond thoughts will soon fade, but you will be by her side.

I Love Lucy
This was Grandmother’s favorite. It plays in her room as you hold her hand. A smile rises to her face. She closes her eyes.

Family Matters
Your family gathers to mourn the loss of Grandmother. It is sad, but with each passing eulogy you understand the beauty of her fulfilled life. Friends, children, cousins; all here to celebrate her time on this earth. You must not dwell on her death, but realize the impact she has left on you and your family. Family is what matters.

2 Broke Girls
Thank God, Grandmother isn’t alive to see this shit.