1. It feels like you’ve been here way longer than you actually have.

2. You always have a book with you, but you never seem to get around to reading it.

3. It wasn’t easy to secure a spot here, so you’re supposed to feel lucky.

4. They made a big deal greeting you on your first day, but the service has been a little spotty ever since.

5. This is putting a big strain on your relationship(s).

6. You thought this was your dream, but hang on, are these guys swindling you?

7. You’ve mispronounced a lot of words since you got here.

8. The supervisor would be happy to help you, but they’re also kind of distracted and busy with their own stuff.

9. You go for a long, healthful jog every morning.

10. You see the same seven people every single day.

11. You owe money and the people you owe it to will not stop pestering you about it.

12. You probably shouldn’t be drinking this much.

13. You wear a bucket hat you knit yourself.

14. You rely heavily on your phone when you need to translate something from a foreign language you should know better.

15. You feel like an imposter. Also, you might be an imposter.

16. The people who work here are not being paid enough.

17. Freud has provided a useful interpretive lens far more often than you would have predicted.

18. Given the circumstances, you’d think you’d understand more about the culture at this point.

19. It’s entirely possible your time here will leave you worse rather than better off.

20. There’s a lot of sex.

21. You’ve felt from day one that maybe this isn’t right for you, but you continue to keep up appearances.

22. You eat every meal at the same place for some reason.

23. You can’t shake the ominous sense that this might literally kill you.

24. You’re going to be shocked when you get the bill.

- - -

Staying at a White Lotus resort: 1-24
Getting a PhD in English: 1-8, 10-19, 21-24