Having your own personal shopper hand-select pieces to fit your life and your unique aesthetic makes it easy to look your best, even with your busy playdate schedule. To get you started, please take a few minutes to complete our style questionnaire.

1. How do you feel about clothes shopping?

I will tolerate it if bribed.

I’m just in it for the shopping cart rides.

I will lose my shit if you make me stay in this store one minute longer.

2. Where do most of your clothes come from?

They magically appear in the drawers.

Target, and accidentally bringing other kids’ sweatshirts home from birthday parties.

Emergency change of clothes purchases at zoo gift shops.

3. How much time and effort do you put into assembling the right look?

Any look is the right look if it involves the top or bottom half of an old Halloween costume.

If by that you mean finding a shirt, taking an extended break to play with Hot Wheels, and then choosing a pair of pants that might actually be just a second shirt where I put my legs through the sleeves, then approximately twenty-five to forty minutes. Effort: Herculean.

4. How would you describe your typical style?


Whatever is clean and covers most of my tummy.

Finger-paint casual.


Not that one, I want that other one.

5. How often do you wear shirts with buttons?

Once a week.

Once a month.

Only when serving as the ring bearer in my aunt’s wedding, and then only under threat of no cake.

6. Are there are any styles you would NOT wear?

Emphatically yes, and they change hourly.



Slacks and chinos.

7. Any fabrics, details, or features we should avoid?

The crinkly kind.

The pokey kind.

The swishy kind.

The fuzzy kind.




Congratulations! We are now ready to pull together accent pieces and classic staples. Based on your responses, our stylists will curate a wardrobe for you that is made up of:

  • Two Trader Joe’s bags full of hand-me-down sweatpants
  • Five of the same exact faded blue Paw Patrol T-shirt with stains in different places
  • A variety of mismatched rain boots