Tuesday, 11:58 am

hey there!

thx for the poems!

ur poems have no style of there own, btw



THEIR*** ugh

but they’re p good


rite now

no one can advise or help u

no one

there is only one thing u should do

sry brb

ok back

so yeah

go into urself

find out the reason that commands u to write

this most of all:

ask urself in the most silent hour of ur nite:

must i write?

gtg, ttyl

- - -

9:16 pm


- - -

10:12 pm

haha sry, rite after i texted u i felt sick

so i took a nap, which usually makes me feel better

but i’m back now

i really like talking to u btw

we r unspeakably alone

and a whole constellation of events must be fulfilled, for one human being to successfully advise another

so 1)


don’t let urself be controlled by it

bc irony doesn’t read well over text

like i sometimes think ur being serious

and 2)

i always carry 2 books with me

on my audible account

the bible

and works by jens peter jacobsen

i’ll give u my password so u can have them with u too

a whole world will envelop u

the happiness, the abortion, the inconceivable vastness of a world


def not abortion

ugh autocorrect

live for a while in these books

learn from them what u feel is worth learning

but most of all

love them

this love will b returned to u thousands upon thousands of times

good nite!

- - -

Wednesday, 5:45 am

u must change ur life

lmao whoops sry that msg was totally for someone else

- - -

Thursday, 11:13 am


u r so young

so much before all beginning

and I would like to beg u

dear sir

to have patience with everything unresolved in ur <3

and try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms

or books written in a v foreign language

live the q’s now



far in the future

u will


without even noticing it

live ur way into the antler


- - -

9:20 pm

sex is difficult :/


almost everything serious is difficult

- - -

Saturday, 4:37 am


gues waht

works of art r of an infninite solitude

and no means of approach is so useless as criticism

Only love can touch and hold them and be fair to them.—

Always trust yourself and your own feeling, as opposed to argumentations, discussions, or introductions of that sort; if it turns out that you are wrong, then the natural growth of your inner life will eventually guide you to other insights. Allow your judgments their own silent, undisturbed development, which, like all progress, must come from deep within and cannot be forced or hastened. Everything is gestation and then birthing.

let’s get taco bell