I Spy

The children stealthily watch out of the front windows to see who can be the first to spy with their little eyes the delivery person who will need to scan your ID to complete the delivery that contains the alcohol.


Everyone is given an electronic device and gets to be a “checker” who checks on the availability of vaccine appointments for grandma and grandpa at a nearby location by refreshing the scheduling website over and over.

Hide and Also Hide

One person is the hider, and the other person is also the hider. Basically, everyone hides until your child realizes that this is just a trick to achieve a fleeting moment of peace.


The kids all pretend a tornado is ripping through the house and have to take cover under things, while you get to pretend that the game is the reason the house looks like a tornado ripped through it.

Freeze Tag

It’s just tag, but the kids complain that they’re freezing because they adamantly refused to put on mittens and snow pants before going outside, no matter how many times you told them they would be cold.

Tic Tac Toe

Everyone takes turns trying to use their toes to pick up the Tic Tacs that have been hiding in the carpet under the coffee table for 11 months.


All participants go to separate rooms and take turns yelling to each other, “I can’t hear you. Stop yelling and come tell me in person.” Note: To distinguish this from the rest of the time, you may want to first go from room to room to inform people that the game is about to begin.


Whichever child can figure out how to successfully order and pay for the pizza gets to decide on the toppings.

Connect Four

Whichever child is first to connect four uncapped markers with caps that fit wins. Bonus points if the cap is actually the same color as the marker, but it’s not required.


Everyone just goes around and says what they’re sorry for. Then you play Domino’s. (See above.)