President Biden has stooped to a new low: giving a blanket pardon to everyone with a federal marijuana possession charge just one month before the midterm elections.

Anyone with a basic understanding of slimy DC politics can see right through this ploy for the corrupt quid pro quo that it is. The Biden administration is trying to rig the vote by doing things people want them to do.

The exchange is as simple as it is shameless. First, President Biden embraces a policy that a supermajority of Americans support. Then, just weeks later, if his scheme goes according to plan, those same Americans will show up in droves to vote for Democrats. And that’s not the end of it. If Democrats win in November (God forbid), they’ll go right back to relentlessly advocating for legislation that helps the American people—a demographic group that, sure enough, makes up their core constituency.

It’s transparent political patronage, the system working exactly as intended. Hoodwinking the American people by not hoodwinking them.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. This cynical pandering from the Biden administration is par for the course.

The president egregiously overreached his executive power to cancel half a trillion dollars in student debt—freeing up his elitist college-educated base to steal our elections by participating in them.

He rubber-stamped the outrageously expensive Inflation Reduction Act, with climate provisions that will ensure a future for America’s youth. Funny coincidence: America’s youth just so happen to be reliable Democrat voters.

And he’s cut unemployment in half since he took office, which is the biggest distraction of them all. The more Americans are preoccupied with well-paying jobs that enable them to live fulfilling, prosperous lives, the less time they’ll have to realize they should be furious about critical race theory, pronouns, and/or Black mermaids.

Now, he’s implemented this disgracefully reckless policy on marijuana just as early voting is beginning in dozens of states. It’s diabolical. If he wants to make the American people forget why they were mad at him, it’s hard to devise a better strategy than encouraging marijuana use.

Of course, the president is not alone in this unscrupulous con. It seems the entire Democrat establishment has gotten the memo. In an election cycle when Republicans have nominated dog-killing TV quacks, Neo-Nazi-endorsed replacement theorists, and pro-life abortion-funding child-abandoners, Democrats have stacked the deck against conservatives by nominating experienced public servants who seem genuinely committed to building a just, fair world. It is deeply unjust and unfair.

And, as always, the media is playing a complicit role in the radical left’s propaganda campaign. They’ll publish headlines about how President Biden’s approval rating has been on the upswing for months. They’ll spend hours on breathless coverage claiming Americans are virulently opposed to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. They’ll share polls that indicate the incumbent party might win the midterms for the first time in a generation due to right-wing overreach and continued Trump fatigue. And we as a society allow them to say these things for no reason other than their being true.

Do the Democrats really believe that they can bribe voters into supporting them by keeping their campaign promises?

Do they think the working class is gullible enough to be fooled by a few extraordinarily popular policies?

Are they seriously convinced that a nebulous concept like “materially improving people’s lives” will distract people from kitchen-table issues that everyone understands—like the Federal Reserve’s culpability for inflation as a result of imprudent interest rate policy?

One would hope that Americans would not be so selfish as to pursue their collective interest. But that’s exactly what they’ll do if they elect more Democrats in November.