“The possibility that the pandemic began with an escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology is attracting fresh attention. President Biden has asked the national intelligence community to redouble efforts to investigate.” — The Wall St. Journall

- - -

Well, well, well. It looks like lamestream media has finally caught up to what many of us (including President Donald Trump) knew over a year ago: SARS-CoV-2 was intentionally super-charged through “gain-of-function” research and then accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology out into the world.

Did knowing all along that the coronavirus was an escaped bio-weapon prompt me to change my behavior in ANY way over the last sixteen months? Absolutely not. At church, I made a point of breathing on as many people as possible. I demanded my barber Jeff remove his mask every time I got a haircut. I also successfully sued my local Jersey Mike’s Subs, forcing it to reopen in May 2020.

Why? Because doing anything else would be living in fear… of the terrifying communist super-plague spreading across the globe.

Corrupt politicians and liberal media cowards buried the truth that our enemies created this disease (a disease that is, again, totally overblown and that they never should’ve closed Jersey Mike’s Subs for. Closing Jersey Mike’s Subs is tyranny.) Instead, they attempted to distract us by telling us to “wash our hands” (never!) and forcing oppressive mask mandates down the throats of honest, freedom-loving Americans. Supposedly, this was all to “protect” us all from a virus that, for most people, is basically the same as the flu (but kind of different because it was intentionally made in a foreign lab to kill humans.)

Why conceal coronavirus’s diabolical manufactured origins? The answer is simple: To hurt Donald J. Trump, the greatest president of my lifetime and a man who deserves immense credit for developing the vaccines I will never, ever get.

The elites thought that by pretending COVID-19 was a “normal” virus and refusing to admit that it was a normal virus, they could somehow convince the public that Trump had grievously mismanaged America’s pandemic response, resulting in an almost incomprehensibly huge — though largely avoidable — death toll.

Ha! Some people will believe anything.

Luckily, America’s not that stupid, and Trump easily, secretly cruised to reelection. Once all the audits are done and he re-assumes office, I can only hope his top priority is getting revenge on China for the lab-leak of this extremely mild virus that it’s totally not worth covering your face indoors for.

And for all the media liars who got it so wrong, let this be a glorious reckoning. Next time the same folks who successfully uncovered an international child-slavery ring operating out of a D.C. pizza restaurant try to tell you something, you might want to listen.

My only regret is that my barber Jeff and the entire staff of my local Jersey Mike’s Subs didn’t live to see this wonderful day. Their blood is on China’s (and absolutely no one else’s) hands.

Then again, they all understood that living life involved accepting certain risks. I know because this is what I would constantly yell at them all year without wearing a mask.