Q: Will there be a hiring freeze?
A: The change has come. There is no search. But there is, there is that hope and that interpretation and sometime, surely any is unwelcome, sometime there is breath and there will be a sinecure and charming very charming is that clean and cleansing.

Q: Will faculty positions be cut?
A: A silence is not indicated by any motion, less is indicated by a motion, more is not indicated it is enthralled. So sullen and so low, so much resignation, so much refusal and so much place for a lower and an upper, so much and yet more silence, why is not sleeping a feat why is it not and when is there some discharge when. There never is.

Q: How are you defining “research excellence”?
A: Excellent, more excellence is borrowing and slanting very slanting is light and secret and a recitation and emigration.

Q: Will course caps change?
A: To venture on youth and a section of debate, it even means that no class where each one over fifty is regular is so stationary that there are invitations.

Q: Has student feedback been sought on these cuts?
A: There was a whole collection made. A damp cloth, an oyster, a single mirror, a manikin, a student, a silent star, a single spark, a little movement and the bed is made. This shows the disorder, it does, it shows more likeness than anything else, it shows the single mind that directs an apple. All the coats have a different shape, that does not mean that they differ in color, it means a union between use and exercise and a horse.

Q: What measures were used to determine departmental effectiveness?
A: A measure is that which put up so that it shows the length has a steel construction. Tidiness is not delicacy, it does not destroy the whole piece, certainly not it has been measured and nothing has been cut off and even if that has been lost there is a name, no name is signed and left over, not any space is fitted so that moving about is plentiful.

Q: What do you mean by “prioritizing student success”?
A: A success, a success is alright when there are there rooms and no vacancies, a success is alright when there is a package, success is alright anyway and any curtain is wholesale.

Q: What is the economic climate to which the cuts refer?
A: Climate, climate is not southern, a little glass, a bright winter, a strange supper an elastic tumbler, all this shows that the back is furnished and red which is red is a dark color. An example of this is fifteen years and a separation of regret.

Q: Is there a strategic plan behind the proposed cuts?
A: Why is there education, there is education because the two tables which are folding are not tied together with a ribbon, string is used and string being used there is a necessity for another one and another one not being used to hearing shows no ordinary use of any evening and yet there is no disgrace in looking, none at all. This came to separate when there was simple selection of an entire preoccupation.

Q: What does “transparency” mean when the entirety of the plan was never made available to staff, students, or faculty?
A: This means clearness, it means a regular notion of exercise, it means more than that, it means liking counting, it means more than that, it does not mean exchanging a line.

Q: Is this the end of the proposed cuts, or will further cuts need to be made?
A: Why complain of more, why complain of very much more. Why complain at all when it is all arranged that as there is no more opportunity and no more appeal and not even any more clinching that certainly now some time has come.