“It doesn’t really look like a dragon, but never mind, I’ll eat it anyway – food is food!”

“Yep, that’s exactly how I wanted it done. You’ve nailed it. Again.”

“It doesn’t matter how we did this yesterday. Things change!”

“For God’s sake, it’s 3:30 in the morning. Please, go back to bed — you’re starting a new job and this is the one night you really need a decent sleep. You’re over this shit, and frankly, so am I.”

“Don’t need it. Already have three. Let’s just stick to our shopping list.”

“Here’s the remote back — I don’t really know how to use it anyway.”

“I bet I can get in my car seat before you can say the words, ‘my back. I can’t… straighten… up…’”

“Don’t hide that square millimeter of zucchini. More! More green! I’m into micro sprouts at the moment, too.”

“I’m off to the toilet, simply because I need to go.”

“Here’s your phone back.”