1. the cords, vinegar, or rest of phone bill

2. in the snow. Shower. Leaving now.

3. white bag with homemade bread

4. shredded moth

5. no money in the wool

6. Alivia is different

7. I don’t know why dad sent that neither does he

8. what kind of light

9. having a bad barb week. Barb. Barb.

10. I guess the bunny won’t last long

11. Rachel anyone eggs

12. I almost wrapped a cucumber

13. which sounds bad a foot of snow

14. has cantaloupe replaced watermelon

15. your gloves are here

16. of course a nice white ironstone

17. the little guy in picture yesterday was he owlette and yes

18. no cranberry

19. :

20. the word was anxiety

21. dan gets the santa because he’s on skis

22. answer your phone

23. I think I am dad isn’t moving much

24. duck in water hole behind house

25. do you want this turkey

- - -

Text from parents: 1-25