So you’ve done the hard work of selecting a viable candidate for immortality, and now you want to take some time off from your regular coven duties to care for them and integrate them into our society. Good for you!

Here’s our leave policy to assist you through this exciting new period in your afterlife:

If your newborn vampire would have died of natural causes, regardless of whether you turned them, we offer six weeks of disability blood pay in the form of scrawny college students sent to your lair. We will need medical proof of the pre-existing natural illness or injury before we will grant the blood pay for your newborn. Tip: We recommend hypnotism as a strategy for retrieving the necessary medical records.

Our disability pay will provide about sixty percent of the blood you’ll need to provide for you and your newborn vampire, so you’ll need to have the rest of your brood or one of your thralls assist you in providing the rest. Take your newborn with you as you hunt for the other 40%, but be careful that they don’t come to harm or disobey our laws. Newborns are reckless because of their extreme thirst! You are wholly responsible for the consequences. If your newborn’s actions threaten to reveal our existence to the general public, you will be subject to disciplinary action. Be careful out there!

If your newborn vampire was previously a healthy person who died a grisly death caused by you before transformation, we offer 8 weeks of disability pay in order to give you two the necessary time to work out your differences. We do require evidence of the grisly death; please contact us to have an investi-Igor visit your lair to ascertain the situation.

Tip: If your newborn kills you out of resentment for their eternal damnation, you’ll want to be prepared. Check out our afterlife life insurance policies!

You can take up to twelve weeks off from your regular coven duties, but you’ll need to find your own blood if you want to take more than the 6-8 weeks provided. After the 6-8 weeks of paid leave are complete, if you take additional leave, you will not receive blood pay and will lose your other coven benefits, including hypnotic vision insurance, healthcare benefits for necrotic tissue maintenance, dental insurance, and access to the vampire hunter surveillance network. If you want to keep your benefits during the unpaid portion of your transformation leave, you’ll need to contribute blood to the general community stores to pay for them.

While you’re away from your duties, we will have a Renfield agent squatting in your den, asking you if you’ll be returning to your duties at the end of your leave or if your brood will be leaving the protection of the coven when your leave is complete. He will only ask this question once every four weeks, but we have him stay in your den the entire duration of your leave. If you don’t answer the agent’s question, we cannot guarantee that your clan position will be held for you, and we will assume that your newborn has killed you in a fit of rage.

Reminder: You must request your leave at least four weeks before you will actually need it. As soon as you realize that a transformation is occurring, notify the board as soon as possible; we prefer that you send a messenger either mid-bite or shortly thereafter.

Request the tome of paperwork from the Ancient One’s den in order to apply for benefits. We suggest using a thrall to help carry the hefty paperwork for you.

Note: Any complaints sent to our office about the superior generosity of the werewolf and pixie paid leave policies will be disposed of without reading. As vampires, we subscribe to an entirely different value system. If you weren’t prepared for the high cost of your hungry new brood member, then you should have kept your mouth closed!

Congratulations again on the new member of your brood.