Hide the tampon in a copy of Cosmopolitan or Jane Austen’s Persuasion. The woman in need can take it to the bathroom with her, so now menfolk just thinks she’s taking a dump or looking for a place to cry in peace.

Wrap the tampon in a gift box and pretend it’s the woman’s birthday. Shame the menfolk for not remembering her birthday.

Go to the post office and mail the woman in need a tampon. You might want to use express shipping.

Place the entire (wrapped!) tampon in your mouth and kiss the woman in need passionately, passing the instrument from your mouth to hers. (This works best with one of those extendable applicators.)

Cause a scene by telling the woman her cat has died. When she runs out of the room crying, follow as if you mean to console her, and instead hand her a tampon in a different room. She’ll understand.

Scream “TRIGGER WARNING: PERIOD!” Once all the men in the room inevitably cover their eyes and ears, you’re free to pass the woman in need a tampon. (Remember to say “ALL CLEAR” when you’re done or else the menfolk will never uncover their eyes and ears.) (Actually, that sounds kinda nice…)

Throw a baseball in another room. Once all the menfolk run after it, again, you’re free to pass the woman in need a tampon.

Hide the tampon in the middle of a sad desk salad. Menfolk can’t stand the sight of sad desk salads.

Steal the woman’s purse and run away. As she chases you, place the tampon in her purse. Once she catches you, and after you’ve explained this mishap to the police — wait, are the cops women? Shit. Scratch this one.

You’ll need a third woman for this one. Woman #3 should casually mention she’s having car trouble. When the menfolk fall over themselves to offer her unsolicited advice, you can just pass the woman in need a tampon behind their backs.

Hide the tampon in a pamphlet about women’s reproductive rights. Menfolk can’t stand any mention of women’s reproductive rights.