“Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) played a clip of conservative commentator Candace Owens speaking about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on Tuesday during a congressional hearing where she was testifying about white nationalism.”
The Hill, 4/9/19

- - -

It’s time to discuss racism and the rise of white nationalism in our country. As a governing body, it’s our responsibility to publicly acknowledge white nationalism, even if we never plan on doing anything substantive about it. Our party unilaterally condemns the extremism and hatred that has been openly propagated in recent years. We hate it so much, even though it is the fuel that has gotten most of us elected.

Racism is a real shame and we need to denounce it. And we will. We promise. But first, let’s pass the microphone over to the lady who thinks everything Hitler did up until late 1939 was totally okay.

Who better to examine the rising death toll of far-right extremism than the person who claims Adolf Hitler’s biggest lapse in judgment was expanding his mission beyond his country’s borders? Those are clearly the words of a person with a nuanced and clearheaded outlook on our country’s racist zealotry. This hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism could only benefit from amplifying the voice of one of the loudest and most dangerous voices on the far right. Let’s further legitimize this person for some reason. Why look inward and note our own party’s role in normalizing white nationalism when we can just plunge the country even further into the depths of racial extremism? Speaking of which, criticizing Stephen Miller is anti-Semitic.

The fact of the matter is, there is great insight in defending Hitler and his ethnic cleansing-based agenda. We believe this woman is an expert witness on the topics of extremism and hate, in that she is herself a very hateful extremist. If you had a congressional hearing on the rise of serial killers, wouldn’t you want Ted Bundy there, talking about how there is no rise in serial killing and how we all need to stop asking questions and just keep our front doors unlocked? It makes a lot of sense to give a Hitler defender a chunk of uninterrupted government testimony time. We’re doing a good job of governing.

All of us on the Republican side of the aisle detest the terror attacks by avowed white nationalists who have been radicalized by other, more famous white nationalists. But, we still think it’s a good idea to have a far-right maniac come into the Capitol Building and talk about how white nationalist violence is simply a ploy to target conservative voices. So, please direct your attention over to the Hitler apologist sitting right over there. We’ll be sitting here counting our political contributions from various racists.