Neon lights on diner signs are a vibe.

Neon lights as art is not a vibe.

Midcentury modern is no longer a vibe.

Art Nouveau is back in vibe.

Scandinavia, the area of the world, is a vibe.

A vibey restaurant is not my vibe.

A vibey bar is trying too hard to vibe.

A vibey club is the point of the vibe.

Doing a vibe check every time you go out is not a vibe.

Worrying about vibe-shifts is not a vibe.

A vibe is not to be confused with having a “moment” (i.e., “You’re having a sequins moment” or "I’m loving this sneakers moment on you”).

Sequins with sneakers is a vibe.

Vibing with someone on a date is a rare and special vibe.

Good therapy is an expensive vibe.

Toxic air quality is not a vibe.

Umbrellas are a vibe.

Rainbow sunsets are a vibe, as long as you don’t think about the pollution causing the vibe.

Adaptogens are an over-marketed vibe.

Twitter/X is not a vibe.

Threads is a TBD vibe.

Zoë Kravitz is both goals (RIP word) and a vibe.

“Coaches” on Instagram, who have no actual credentials, are not a vibe.

Vibing to a song by dancing like everyone is watching because you’re getting the party started and no one can compete with your move called “The Vitamix” is a vibe.

Balloons, baskets, and books are a vibe.

A baby is a vibe, if you’re going for that vibe as part of your life plan.

Four babies is a flex, not a vibe.

Democracy is a dying vibe.

America is a complicated vibe with a problematic history.

The word “problematic” is meaningless and not a vibe.

New York City is mostly a vibe.

LA can be a vibe.

San Francisco used to be a vibe.

New Jersey is not a vibe.

Big-city elitism is not a vibe.

Clichés in humor are an inevitable—because they’re accessible—vibe.

Cats are a quirky vibe.

More than two cats are not a vibe.

Small to large dogs are a vibe.

Dogs that fit in a purse are too small to be a vibe.

Extra large dogs are horses and not a vibe.

The sun is a vibe.

Thinking about what the sun actually is turns into an existential vibe.

The moon is a mood-setting vibe.

Seeing the moon in the daytime is a joyous vibe every single time.

Climate change is not a vibe.

Wes Anderson’s latest movie is a “too-much-is-happening-story-wise” vibe, so much so that it takes away from the “Wes Anderson” vibe.

Saying “vibes,” as in an abbreviation used since the 1920s for the percussion instrument vibraphone, is a vibe if you’re a musician.

Max (formerly HBO Max) could be a vibe if they’d either let me buy individual shows or bundle with Netflix, Disney+, and every other streaming network, because no person can subscribe to twenty-six different networks, so a re-bundling has to be inevitable! Frustrating vibes.

Someone with bad vibes is not a vibe.

Someone with good vibes is not necessarily a vibe, but they’re still a nice person.

Someone with chill vibes is a vibe.

I am a vibe!

You are a vibe!

Our friendship is an unbreakable vibe.

Until it stopped being a vibe when you got mad at me because I didn’t hire you as my real estate agent.

If you’re feeling creative vibes, stop everything you’re doing and hold on to that vibe!

If you have high vibes, you’re probably just high.

Saying something is a vibe is not a vibe.