The telescreen reports have given flat-out falsehoods about the call. The transcript clearly shows that there were no doubleplusungood dealings between Big Brother and the leader of our eternal ally, Eurasia.

MYTH: Big Brother made the phone call to broker a temporary ceasefire with Eurasia in light of growing tensions with Eastasia.

FACT: There was no ceasefire discussed between the leaders, because in fact we have always been allies with Eurasia, united in our struggle against our mutual nemesis. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

MYTH: Big Brother discussed a plan to manufacture an artificial shortage of boots and synthetic gin with the leader of Eurasia, whose trade enables the production of said products.

FACT: Though trade is and has always been productive and mutually beneficial with our great ally Eurasia, The Party sees to it that all of our necessities are manufactured within Oceania, using supplies and ingredients harvested and manufactured by our own citizens. Despite reports to the contrary, boot production has tripled in the last season, and reports say that families have wept for their incredible quality and abundance. Likewise, we’re getting many reports that this year’s synthetic gin is in fact some of the most potent and delicious to have ever been released.

What Big Brother actually talked about was entirely goodthink-wise.

The ceasefire Big Brother discussed on the phone call actually referred to the original treaty of peace negotiated between Oceania and Eurasia when the glorious party of Ingsoc wrestled control from the thieving capitalists. Big Brother has spoken about this peace publicly many times, as can be confirmed on records you may view by requesting them at the Ministry of Truth.

Big Brother did not reference boots and synthetic gin at all, except for once after the leader of Eurasia brought up their own production, at which point Big Brother revealed that production must be slowed in Oceania because his citizens were, in fact, so overwhelmed with the quality and abundance of boots and gin that they would likely be unable to contain their joy until the Hate Week celebrations. It will be noted that our allied leader agreed with Big Brother’s judgment “1,000%.”

The real scandal here is that leaks about a second-hand account of Big Brother’s confidential telephone call with a foreign ally triggered a media frenzy of false accusations against The Party and forced Big Brother to release the transcript.

The country has already been put through over two years of destroying false records related to this supposed prior war with Eurasia, and now crimethinkers want to trigger a new round of investigations into fake accusations.

This case reveals yet another example of curious booklovers, sex-crazed delinquents, and other enemies of Ingsoc leaking confidential information on the telescreen in an attempt to spread their dangerous and unpatriotic agenda.

These are unique circumstances that require the transcript to be released if the citizens of Oceania are to know the truth.

After reviewing the telescreen report with his most trusted members of the Inner Party, Big Brother decided to speakwrite the recording of his conversation through the Ministry of Truth to end the rampant speculation.

This is just another example of the Resistance, led by Goldstein, damaging our national security for political gain.

This complaint was handled absolutely by the book and it was properly determined that no further action should be taken.

After receiving a complaint from an employee, the Ministry of Truth appropriately consulted with Director O’Brien at the Ministry of Love.

Miniluv determined that the complaint was filed by an unperson who was in fact a spy for Eastasia, and administered the appropriate and merciful re-education its hallowed white halls are renowned for.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.