“The Red Wheelbarrow”

so much depends

a red wheel

especially when

stares at it instead
of you

- - -

“This Is Just to Say”

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

It is
so much
for me

to tell you this
in a note
rather than
in person

- - -

“Poem (As the Cat)”

As the cat
climbed over
the top of

the jamcloset
I watched and

time replaying
an awkward conversation
with a stranger

in my head
Also, why do I
have a closet full of jam?

- - -

“Between Walls”

the back wings
of the

hospital where

will grow is
a good

place to hide

all sorts of

- - -

“The Dark Day”

A three-day-long conference back east—
an interminable talking, talking
of no consequence — patter, patter, patter.
Off topic audience questions
inundate each speaker.
Bathroom. Hiding. Seclusion.
A few passers-by, stop outside the stall,
and still try to chat.
Lunch and dinner meetings! there is no escape! —
An interminable talking, talking,
talking… it has happened before.
And it will happen again.