What sucks on you?

Who feeds off you?

Who comes to you in your dreams?

What powers do you have?

Does unseemly hair grow upon your face or body? Has it appeared suddenly?

Have you found strange moles or extra nipples upon your body? Have they appeared suddenly?

Have you caused sickness with your cookery?

Does your milk often curdle?

Do you have lewd visions?

Do you wake up burning?

Do you fear burning?

Do you use unguents or ointments for secret purposes?

Must you anoint your broomstick? Has this happened suddenly?

Do you assemble with other wives after nightfall? Do you weep, share ungodly secrets, laugh uncontrollably, drink potions, exchange tinctures of herbs, or descend unclothed into water?

Are you unable to listen to the speech and instruction of goodmen?

Do you walk the house in the dead of night?

Do you mutter when no one is near?

Will you sink or float?

What bargains have you made for your soul?