An oversized comfy chair that feels like a hug

A hidden room

A secret word

A red-upholstered booth salvaged from a bankrupt diner, repurposed as a post-modernist front door

A picture phone

Bunk beds

A magic video screen that is your friend

A hunky Latino fitness teacher who might give you a massage if you say the secret word

A refrigerator full of eccentric food

That one obnoxious sales guy everybody avoids

A teepee

Hipster musicians jamming in front of an exposed brick wall

A museum-quality display case featuring cool old toys that you can’t play with because they belong to the CEO, la la la la la

A weekly animation festival curated by a self-important and obviously delusional local cineaste

An ironic robot

A genie who will grant your every wish (as long as he’s receiving an acceptable return on his investment)