By now you’ve heard the news that Senator Palpatine is trying to disband the Senate. I won’t mince words with you: our democracy is in serious jeopardy. So I need you to make a choice in this moment:

You can let the Chancellor take control and destroy everything we hold dear…

Or you can rush an emergency three-credit donation right now, close our campaign budget gap, tighten the polls, and help restore freedom to our democracy.

I cannot stress this enough: The foundations and principles that this republic is founded on are in peril. There are even reports of Senator Palpatine working toward a “planet-destroying super laser.” Mark my words, young padawan: this is our once-in-a-lifetime shot to build the BIGGEST party majority in history and SAVE our republic.

Now, you may be saying, “Aren’t you the party in power? Didn’t we already elect YOU? Shouldn’t YOU be doing something?”

Yes, and I couldn’t be prouder to represent you in this fight. But I need you to understand three critical things:

1. Senator Palpatine needs to flip just FIVE seats to take back power.

2. Senator Palpatine is currently destroying our galaxy with little to no opposition.

3. And just yesterday I unveiled my list of twelve candidates in the upcoming election who have the BEST chance of EXPANDING our majority in the Galactic Senate.

If our best Grassroots Supporters like you chip in just three credits, we’ll be able to reach our End of Day fundraising goal and stay on track. I’m going to be blunt: the fate of the galaxy depends on it.

It’s crucial that you understand one thing: since our wins in the last election, it has been a quick slide towards the unthinkable. Our party has had the majority only for a few months, and Senator Palpatine has already been able to repeal some of your most fundamental freedoms, with little resistance. I’ve got a bad feeling about this, and there is no predicting how bad it would be if Senator Palpatine gets his way in the next election. Can I count on your three credits to help in this make-or-break moment? You’re our only hope in this next election!

Truth be told, I don’t enjoy asking you for money. I know how hard you work for every Galactic Credit in your wallet. But sometimes, we must let go of our pride and do what is requested of us. And that’s why I’m asking you personally to go above and beyond our Grassroots Support level and become one of our Majority Makers. Majority Makers are heroes who give recurring monthly contributions of ten credits because they know that there’s even more at stake in next year’s election.

Once again, you may be asking yourself, “If Palpatine is currently destroying the galaxy, shouldn’t we focus on doing something right now? If the very societal fabric we cherish is days away from shredding, why should we focus on next year’s elections?”

I don’t know how else to put this: our Majority is RAZOR-thin, and Senator Palpatine only needs to flip five seats to take it from us. His Death Star is already fully operational with limitless power, and he is on pace to outraise us. That is unless we turn the tide ASAP.

That’s why I’m calling for 8,500 more gifts before my End of Day Deadline at ANY level. Whether it is our Grassroots Supporters (donating three credits monthly), the heroes at our Majority Makers (ten credits), or the backbone of our resistance, the HERO LEVEL (twenty-five credits), everyone is doing what they can to PROTECT the critical Galactic Senate Majority we worked so hard to win.

And, of course, you may be wondering, “If Senator Palpatine is on the brink of disbanding the senate, is creating an evil empire, and has a super laser capable of destroying entire planets… what are the chances there is even an election at all next year?”

Make no mistake: Senator Palpatine is already in full campaign mode. Just yesterday he said, “There is no civility, only politics… there is no interest in the common good.” So, you see, there is more than just politics at stake in this upcoming election. Everything you’ve already elected us to fight for and defend will be in grave danger. So will you stand by my side and rush a three-credit donation towards our goal?

May the force be with you!