1. Keeps track of my every move.

2. Sends hourly messages with passive-aggressive reminders disguised as encouragement.

3. Pressures me to spend the night with them.

4. Monitors fluctuations in my weight.

5. Holds me to unrealistic expectations based on arbitrary measures of success.

6. Keeps track of my daily caloric intake.

7. I avoid foods and leisure activities I once enjoyed.

8. Stokes competition between myself and my friends.

9. My self-esteem depends on their approval and validation.

10. Monitors my hydration levels.

11. I can’t start my day or go to bed without checking in with them.

12. Is only interested in my physical attributes.

13. Claims they will die without my constant care and attention.

14. Records the duration and symptoms of my menstrual cycle.

15. Doesn’t accept me for who I am and is always trying to change me.

16. The thought of them fills me with anxiety and a hint of regret.

- - -

Red flag: 1-16
Fitbit: 1-16