“I’ll take the vaccine alright… with a glass of Chardonnay!”

“More Wine. Less whine. More vaccination. Less oration.”

“I got this cool new mask — it covers my nose and mouth all day, it’s glass, and you can pour wine in it!”

“Herd immunity requires over 80% of the population to get vaccinated? Sounds like wine o’clock!”

“You had me at vaccinated people still need to wear masks around non-vaccinated people from more than one household!”

“If you got the bug, at least you’re not drinking wine alone listening to Billy Joel on a Friday night!”

“People are saying it’s been a year since the pandemic started, but I say it’s wine o’clock!”

“Money can’t buy happiness, or the COVID vaccine as it is free to the public, but it can buy wine!”

“Moderna: Mom’s vaccine against COVID. Chardonnay: Mom’s vaccine against the kids.”

“Johnson & Johnson released a vaccine that only needs a single shot. Meanwhile, I can’t seem to go one night without multiple!”

“My COVID-19 vaccine shot made my wine arm sore — good thing I have two!”

“Are you Billy Joel in his 1978 album 52nd Street? Because you had to get a big shot, didn’t you!”

“I’m like a vaccination clinic. I spend all day emptying bottles!”

“mRNA: mommy Really Needs Alcohol.”

“Herd Immunity? I thought I heard wine being opened!”

“Bottle of white, bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of Pfizer instead?”

“Not only is fresh Moderna coursing through my veins but also .08% alcohol!”

“What’s going bad and getting wasted at alarming rates? This lady!”

🎶 “And the piano, it sounds like a carnival. And the microphone smells like a Riesling. And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar. And say ma’am go get the vaccine!” 🎶

“The mRNA vaccine uses my body to make a protein to produce an immune response. I use my body as a dumping ground for rosé to produce a hangover! I hate my kids!”

“I may be immune to COVID now, but I’m not immune to another glass of rosé! “

“They may have a vaccine for COVID, but they don’t have a vaccine for the year I’ll never get back!”

“Wine gets better with age. I get better with wine. We all get better by getting the vaccine.”