“Thanks for the link! I appreciate that you think of me every time you see a news headline with the phrase ‘Single Women.’”

“Thanks for the reminder! I do need an oil change and don’t worry, I won’t go to the dealer because they overcharge.”

“That MBA program does look intriguing! I think I’m going to stick to my current career path, since I’ve worked professionally as a television writer for the last twelve years.”

“No, I haven’t read the Neil Young interview in Parade magazine!”

“Great idea! If I see Elon Musk around Los Angeles, I’ll tell him you’re interested in receiving a free Tesla.”

“Wow! If I needed a monthly subscription of batteries, this would be an excellent deal.”

“Yes, the writing on Peaky Blinders is very good! Have you watched the show I write for?”

“Didn’t get the attachment!”

“I don’t think an all-fiber diet is feasible for me right now, but the science in that Reader’s Digest article sure is interesting.

“Very cool! Ramesh is from Delhi, not Jaipur, but I’ll ask if he knows the person you met on the plane.”

“Haha! I didn’t realize Doonesbury was still in publication.”

“How exciting! I actually direct feature-length documentaries, but that’s so fun that Gary’s son had a viral YouTube video.”

“Thanks for the forward! I may look for a second opinion about the Mueller investigation that isn’t written in Comic Sans font.”

“Thanks for the pitch! If I ever get to meet Jerry Seinfeld, I will see if he’s interested in purchasing your material on chatty Uber drivers.”

“Fine, I will do the lower back exercises.”

“I’m not seeing any more Woody Allen movies, as I explained last Thanksgiving, and before you bring it up again, yes, I saw the 60 Minutes episode from 1990, and no, it hasn’t changed my opinion.”

“Still no attachment!”