Press reports have given currency to flat-out falsehoods about the Executive Action.

MYTH: The President “brandished” an assault rifle.
FACT: Semi-automatic rifles like the Colt AR-15 are not assault rifles; they do not have burst or fully automatic firing capabilities.

MYTH: “The smell of cordite hung heavy in the air… outside Trump Tower.”
FACT: The use of cordite was discontinued in 1945.

MYTH: The President’s statement during the 2016 campaign that he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” was a statement of intent or premeditation.
FACT: It was obviously made in jest, not to be taken literally, and entirely coincidental.

MYTH: “The President stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot [somebody].”
FACT: It was East 57th Street, the President was on the sidewalk, and there were multiple targets.

The President’s action was entirely in keeping with the rights and responsibilities afforded by the Constitution.

  • Like every citizen of the United States, the President is granted the inalienable right to bear arms by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
  • The President is required to “protect each of [the States] from invasion” by Article Four, Section Four, Clause Two of the Constitution.
  • The fifteen targets of the Executive Action were undocumented foreign nationals, i.e. “illegal aliens” and de facto invaders.

The real scandal is the trail of dead left by the Democrats around which many unanswered questions remain, an issue ignored by the liberal and Fake media.

  • What did Vince Foster know that may have made him a target?
  • Was Seth Rich murdered for his connection to WikiLeaks?
  • What testimony on Bill Clinton could Jeffrey Epstein have provided before he died in custody?
  • Freely use the hashtags #ClintonBodyCount, #SorosBodyCount, and #DemocratBodyCount on Twitter when raising these questions and any others that may occur.

Let’s be clear: Crimes are committed by the guilty, who attempt to conceal them for fear of the consequences. An unusual action taken in open daylight on the streets of Midtown Manhattan with no regard for consequence whatsoever is either the work of a madman, or of someone doing exactly what he is authorized to do. Three hundred and four (304) members of the Electoral College cannot have voted for a madman. Therefore no crime has been committed.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: DO NOT share any of these talking points until after the Fifth Avenue Executive Action occurs, next week.