The following health code violations were observed during a recent inspection at the Fisher-Price kitchen in Miss Carol’s preschool classroom at Little Wonders Childcare Center in Scottsdale, Arizona:

  • No thermometers, timers, or food rotation system in place. Chefs apparently just yell “ding!” when they believe food is ready
  • Kitchen workers repeatedly touching their eyes, ears, and private parts. Multiple instances of employees putting fingers in their mouths, and occasionally in each other’s mouths
  • Noted a chef wearing shoes on wrong feet (and also a floor-length Disney’s Frozen 2 cape for some reason), which poses potential safety hazard. When asked to remove cape, employee cried and threw Beanie Baby at oven
  • No gloves or tongs used to handle food. Witnessed chefs frequently dropping food on floor, retrieving items with bare hands, and immediately serving food to customers
  • Hair should be neatly pulled back from face or covered with a hairnet. When asked to tie hair back, chef became belligerent and screamed that it was her “Elsa Braid”
  • Plastic spatula was used to serve spaghetti, cherry pie, and hamburgers, with no cleaning or sanitizing between uses. Later observed same plastic spatula being used as weapon
  • Sous chef sneezed directly onto food and wiped snot onto sleeve of sweater. Possible pink eye. Recommendation to send chef home and advise her to stop touching other chef’s faces
  • Observed employee standing on a plate of eggs
  • A brief list of unauthorized personal items present in kitchen at time of inspection: open box of Hello Kitty Band-Aids, hairbrush, crayons, several wads of Play-Doh, Doc McStuffins doctor kit, sippy cups, pop-up books, magic wand, LEGOs, two pacifiers, and a handful of loose Uno cards
  • Multiple instances of improper food storage noted, including fish stored directly above grapes and pickles, pineapples stored under salami, and pork chops stored above blocks of cheese. High likelihood of cross-contamination and salmonella present
  • Unauthorized personnel allowed in kitchen. Witnessed patron wander in and throw a stuffed bear at prep line cook for no reason, resulting in a brief altercation. Line cook was promptly removed from food service area and placed in library for short break
  • Restaurant operating with non-functioning sink. Oven apparently being used as storage space and employees make whirring and sizzling sounds to make food
  • Rodents present in establishment. Class guinea pig briefly observed in food prep area where worker attempted to feed him corn on the cob
  • Prep line cook observed picking nose for significant portion of inspection. When asked to stop, cook launched into long story about going on an airplane to visit his grandma one time and she took him to the movies and they bought Gummi Bears, but she fell asleep during the movie

Staff will be verbally reprimanded once they have woken from their scheduled nap. No county legal action will result from this visit. The inspection report was printed and left at the establishment where it was promptly colored on with markers and covered in glue.