1. You’ll be given a set of rules to follow that everyone will promptly ignore.

2. No one is allowed to leave the building until a solution has been reached.

3. You will be forced to look at disturbing physical evidence.

4. You spend hours trying to explain logic and procedure to someone far below your education level.

5. The public will have a lot of unsolicited opinions about the decisions you make.

6. You wish there was a lot more handwashing happening all around.

7. One stubborn, belligerent person can single-handedly derail the entire day’s progress.

8. You’re obligated to complete a tedious procedural task that’s frustrating but necessary for the functioning of civilized society. You wonder if this is how you’ll spend eternity.

9. There’s never a toilet exactly when and where you need one.

10. You’re emotionally and physically exhausted, even though you spent most of the day in a single room.

11. At least once, you’ll consider the legal ramifications of crawling out the window and starting a new life growing mangoes in Costa Rica.

12. There’s a good chance the group won’t meet their objective, and the entire process has to start over from scratch.

13. At least once you’ll say, “This is some horrific shit.”

14. You’ll realize that you’re responsible for the rest of someone else’s life, and the pressure will cause you to implode.

- - -

Jury Deliberations: 1-14
Potty Training Toddler: 1-14