The undersigned developers respectfully ask that you reconsider allowing our new mobile dating app to be sold through your online store. We have worked very hard for a long time to make Hotzi a reality; it would be unfortunate if a handful of minor misunderstandings prevented our project from being enjoyed by the public.

Much market research and legal review preceded the decision to name our app “Hotzi.” In short, our thinking was to combine a term suggestive of a desirable quality in a potential romantic partner (“hot”) with a fanciful suffix to suggest that our app is both “hip” and fun to use. (Our tagline is even “Give It a Shotzi!”) We are hopeful that the term “hotzi” will be adopted by app users to describe others that they find attractive. (“He/she’s a real hotzi!”) At no time did it occur to us that users might also use the term “notzi” to describe other users, much less themselves.

We took great pains to distinguish Hotzi from other dating apps, but at the same time we felt it important to provide an experience that was still intuitive. In the end, we settled on a simple, familiar “star” system for users to rate other users. To make our app different, we made our stars yellow and six-pointed. We do not believe that anyone will find the iconography to be offensive.

Likewise, the related “swag-sticker” feature of Hotzi, which allows the app management team to reward loyal users with “badges of honor.” Many apps have such loyalty reward mechanisms.

The in-app game is a multi-player competition for those users who spend the most time on Hotzi and are therefore most in need of a diversion from the stresses that trying to identify a suitable mate in order to help humanity achieve optimal spiritual and biological development can bring. Accessing “Master Race” will not require any additional purchase from subscribers.

Finally, you questioned the necessity and propriety of the initial questionnaire a new user must complete to activate Hotzi after purchase. Specifically, you indicated concerns about the requirement that new users self-identify by race, religion, nationality, political party, sexual orientation, and the like. Hotzi strives to be the ultimate solution to the dating problem, so the program’s algorithms use personal information to first separate subscribers into homogeneous demographic groups, or “camps,” and… OK, we see it now.

The undersigned developers respectfully withdraw our app from consideration and apologize for any inconvenience we may have inadvertently caused. We will also take our Christmas party budgeting app “HollyCost” currently in production back to the drawing board.