Look, I’m reading the business section. I have lots of money. Want sex?

I am eating this scone with earnest sincerity. I am sincere. Want sex?

I will swivel slightly in my chair to display my well-pressed slacks. Sex?

I am drinking coffee and staring thoughtfully out the window. I can be deep. And long.

I make a remark about the rain using the word “inclement.” I am intelligent. Do me.

Someone else has said a winning joke about baseball. I laugh along with you. We share common interests.

I say, “Do you have sugar, Sugar?” and smile. I have gleaming white teeth. So will our kids.

I put my head in my hands. I am tormented and mysterious. Join me for sex?

Someone says something about the latte you made. I give you a face. I empathize. You. Me. Sex?

I am getting up to leave now saying, “I’ll be back tomorrow.” You crinkle your face. Ah! I’m making an impression!