“More lockdown please.”

“Mom look bad. Need bath. Why sleep clothes? Hmmm?”

“Mom pants please walk.”

Looks at large hole in the yard next to Mom
“Cat did it. Walk now?”

“Why Mom sleep all day? Mom never go on walk. Need more walk. Please.”

“All done ‘please’ button.”

Looks at Mom
“Dad settle.”

“Why this house? Want big house. Want luxury.”

When mailman drops mail through door slot
“Soon destroy you. Bye. Bye.”

To the mailman, with whom mom is sleeping
“Walk now. Bed later.”

“Dog want more walks. Or else. Frame Mom, hmmm?”

To Dad
“Mom play. Play stranger bed.”

To Mom and Dad, who are arguing in the kitchen
“Dog home all night. Very good boy, no murder.”

To Mom, who is on the couch glued to a news report about a missing mailman
“Concerned. Where Mom friend? Walk now.”

To police inspecting the house
“Am good boy.”

To Mom’s lawyer
“Dog home all night. Cat is alibi. Mom blood on hands.”

Looking at Mom’s ankle monitor
“Now who can’t go on walk?”

To Mom, who is peering out the window where photographers and reporters lurk
“Humans miss mailman, hmmm?”

As Mom cries in bed at night
“Dad gone. Dad happy now. Mom alone with dog.”

Offering treats to jurors before trial
“I learn quid pro quo. Mom bad, yes? Jury humans like treats, yes?”

In courtroom during Mom’s trial
“Play park! Mom hide friend. Friend sleep. Friend sleep with bones. All done, friend.”

At cat
“Why cat no help?”