We are looking forward to having your child at day camp tomorrow. Our packing list is carefully curated to ensure your child is prepared for ANY scenario and that the required items differ from the ten other camps your child will attend this summer. Please be sure to bring:

1. Closed-toe water shoes.

2. Open-toe land shoes.

3. All-terrain shoes that display every other toe.

4. Whatever sunscreen the nearest store is sold out of.

5. A change of clothes in a zipper storage bag with a picture of a DC superhero on it (please make sure it is NOT a Marvel superhero!)

6. A gluten-free, nut-free, tear-free lunch.

7. A box of tissues for when the campers bring a counselor to tears.

8. On Monday and Wednesday, a swimsuit and towel.

9. On Tuesday and Thursday, an art poncho decorated with your child’s self-portrait in the style of their favorite artist.

10. On Friday, a ferret.

11. The twenty required camp forms hand-printed and duplicated using the carbon paper you should have ordered a month ago. Remember, we are a screen-free camp and can’t accept typed forms!

12. A long-sleeved shirt in case it’s cold.

13. A raincoat in case it rains.

14. A spacesuit in the event our permit for space travel comes through.

15. A water bottle that has been to the summit of Everest.

16. An archery wound repair kit.

17. Spray that repels bugs.

18. Spray that repels bears.

19. Spray that repels measles.

20. A banjo.

21. A flask filled with CBD-infused coffee for each of your counselors.

22. A ten-foot-long barrel-stitched lanyard woven in our camp colors.

23. A goose that lays golden eggs, which you had promised to us to pay off your remaining camp balance.

At the end of the week, we will have a bonfire to burn all the supplies the campers brought this week to ensure that they need to bring a completely new bag of supplies if they are returning next week. So please make sure your camper brings marshmallow roasting sticks!

Also, ensure your child’s name is hand-embroidered onto all the items they bring and that everything fits into a small backpack (except the flasks—just hand those to the counselors when you arrive).

Happy packing!