Take a look inside your refrigerator. How many half-empty sippy cups are in there right now? Don’t worry if the cups contain milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, juice, Hot Wheels, nothing, dirt from your yard, a dead bee, or any combination of the above, count them all.

Zero sippy cups in the fridge

You’re the definition of on top of it. We highly recommend you find a publisher immediately so you can write a best-selling parenting guide. That, or maybe check to make sure you’re not in someone else’s house.

One or two sippy cups in the fridge

You have incredible restraint. This probably carries over into other parts of your life, like the car seat not being covered in Goldfish crumbs or the cracks in your kitchen table not being stuffed full of Play-Doh. Still, if you have more than one kid, we might recommend looking behind the sofa for a missing cup of milk turning into cottage cheese just in case the above isn’t true.

Three or four sippy cups in the fridge

You’re a flexible person who tolerates toddler intolerance of the blue cup being used for juice, or the orange cup being used at lunch, or the red cup being used for snacks, or a family pet having looked at the green cup in the wrong way. This willingness to go with the flow often allows other free expressions around the house like crayon art on the wall or toilet paper rolled out all over the bathroom floor.

Five or six sippy cups in the fridge

You’re an environmentally responsible parent who wants to leave the planet better than you found it. If any of the cups in the refrigerator are basically empty or have been sitting in there for more than seventy-two hours, they act only as a symbol of your doing your part to conserve water and definitely not because you’re too tired to do the dishes.

Seven or eight sippy cups in the fridge

You’re the type of person who is grounded in the reality of the situation around you. You know your own limits, and my god are you way past them. You don’t judge anyone else for their actions, lest you be judged for making boxed pasta lunches nine days in a row. You accept help with open arms even from in-laws who routinely chastise you about the dangers of non-organic dairy.

If you lost count…

You’ve got a great sense of humor and know how to take a joke at your own expense. Every time you remember at one point saying you were going to blend your own purées you laugh so hard you start crying. You’re a selfless person by sheer universal requirement and think about others only because the last time you tried to take a little time to be alone, you found yourself cleaning the bathroom as an act of self-care.