1. A capital letter.

2. A number.

3. One of the following symbols: !@#$%^*()<>?∑©ϠДϪЩўӹԊ฿⌂↨&.

4. Your favorite color.

5. Your favorite brand of gin.

6. The exact date/time of your first blood clot.

7. Three distinctly different recipes for lemon basil chicken.

8. A 2000-word essay on your opinion of Pluto’s non-planetary status.

9. That joke—you know, the one with the guy in the raincoat.

10. An mp3 of you humming Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries in the shower.

11. Your perfect Sunday.

12. A Petrarchan sonnet on the loss of your virginity.

13. One of your kidneys.

14. Your favorite polygon (and why).

15. Your best Stephen Wright impression.

16. An anecdote of that time you asked Julie Hanson out and forgot your own name. You got drunk on Smirnoff and almost fell out the window, then we carried you into the elevator and left you there, and you woke up and your sideburns were gone. You remember that? Man, those were the days.

17. The original battle plans for the invasion of Normandy.

18. Your favorite Brady Bunch child.

19. A modern-day American-English translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

20. A lowercase letter.