What was your original face before your father and mother were born? Did it, too, look tired?

Rice in its bowl, water in its pail, eye contact in your dreams.

The sea persists and the shore endures, but my determination to mispronounce your name will outlast them both.

A monk asked Master Haryo how to attain enlightenment. Master Haryo said, “That’s actually a pretty good question.” At that moment the monk attained great enlightenment.

What is the shape of thunder? What is the color of wind? We can’t afford to lower the bar on thunder and wind expertise.

One cannot climb a mountain with pockets full of luan shi. You don’t know what luan shi is? OK, wow, I thought someone with your degrees and experience would at least be familiar with luan shi. Weird.

The flax cloth, the cracked bowl, the cypress tree in front of the hall: Am I staring at one of these, or at your boobs?

In a storm, the great oak falls but the slender bamboo endures. Then the great oak writes a blog post titled “The Hard Truth About Diversity Quotas.”

To grow tall, the ginseng, like your sentences, must be cut short.

A gold Buddha does not pass through a furnace; a wood Buddha does not pass through fire; a mud Buddha does not pass through water. Yes, I’m aware that your question was about opportunities for advancement. I’m getting to that.

Odd and even are on one die, so your type of bathroom must be around here somewhere.

However wonderful a thing is, it may be that it is better not to have it at all. Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.