1. He looks at you, like, really looks at you

It’s been a long time since you felt someone look at you with the same intent he does. Never breaking eye-contact. Even when you look down at your phone uncomfortable, you can still feel his razor-sharp intention. And when you look up to check what stop you’re at, he’s there waiting to look into your eyes once more.

2. He is task-oriented

Nothing seems to be taking his mind off of what he is doing. People keep coming and going. None are really trying to stop him at all, but they’re moving around and yet he still continues working on his task. He really just keeps going. He might just keep doing that forever.

3. It’s like there’s no one in the world but you two

Not many men are reliable these days. They’re always on their phones. He never goes on his phone. There’s a good chance he doesn’t even have a phone. He’s just there for you. You’re his whole world. He’s watching you and it’s like there’s no one else in the world but you two. Aww!

4. Is he really that much worse than your ex-boyfriend?

Travis cheated on you and lied about it for months. At least this guy is open and honest about his intentions. He’s making what he wants and needs so clear! Travis never did that. He just got passive aggressive and weird.

5. You’re just a piece of meat anyway

You should be taking it as a compliment that he finds you so attractive. He could be masturbating to anyone on that subway, and he chose you. You’re so lucky that you found someone like him.