“The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Louisiana law that could have left the state with a single abortion clinic. The vote was 5 to 4, with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. voting with the court’s four-member liberal wing but not adopting its reasoning.” — New York Times, 6/29/30

- - -

Alright, Jerry, that’s the last straw for me. We’ve been living through Nyarlathotep’s Era of Pustulant Torment for what, going on four years now? Part of the Outer God’s Great Devouring included the promise to install new Cenobite Supreme Judges specifically dedicated to the insane, wanton, callous sacrifice of women and children. Seemed simple enough to make good on — it’s not like that kind of thinking was unheard of in American history, and the government already was mostly comprised of death cultists that, while not strictly adherent to the Necronomicon, were still in the orgiastic service of Mammon. The Crawling Chaos goes and conjures two — two, Jerry! — of the slimiest Priests of Judicious Pain we could hope to ever envision in our wildest fever dream, and look where they got us. Yesterday’s dead-morning’s edict barring an avenue of unnecessary, gendered debasement is a complete slap in the lesion-scarred faces of Nyarlathotep’s electorate, yours included.

I know I was pretty vocal about backing the Black Pharaoh during election season, but you gotta remember, I was mad as all get out about the status quo. Those Capitol Hill bigwigs kept promising us all this change and reform, but in reality, they didn’t give a damn about us little people. Then along comes this demon princeling whose presence we all sorta “felt” for decades, and It just laid their whole campaign out plain and simple: “I don’t care, I don’t feel, I simply devour. And only those who swear eternal fealty to my ravenous anti-cause will potentially be spared.” And I dunno, Jerry, I didn’t wholly agree with all of Its platform, but I thought, “Hell, what have we got to lose?” Other than our souls, but let’s be honest, most of us here in the good ol’ U.S. of A had been chipping away at those for years. I was President of the College Mammonites myself, after all.

But what has Nyarlathotep delivered on since ascending the Blood Throne? I mean, sure, we’ve seen countless, unimaginable horrors made manifest both physically and mentally. The cosmos itself may never recover from the damage done to it by this Reign of Woe. Sure, there’s a plague of Lung Locusts currently ravaging the entire country, but was purely a stroke of luck. Nyarlathotep doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue how to weaponize them for Its own gain, and if anyone could use that to their advantage, it should be, well, It.

I guess what I’m saying here, Jerry, is that I’m disappointed in Nyarlathotep’s lamentable legacy so far. It’s a horror show no mere mortal could hope to fully render into words, of course, but nowhere near the likes of which the Faceless God swore to us at Its sado-rallies on the campaign trail. If the Dread Lord can’t even deliver on the simplest of promises — washing away an already eroded mausoleum of legalistic crypt keepers in order to establish a new, more profane branch of Gore Governance — then what good is an Outer God in Chief, anyway?

I don’t regret voting for the Beast, Jerry, but I will say this: If something doesn’t change soon, you might just find me casting my ballot for the other guy in a few months. He’s got his own issues, but at least he’s promising to return us to the evil we already know. And, let’s be honest, we were doing a pretty good job as a murderous nation-cult up until Nyarlathotep arrived. Why mess with a good thing?