Hello friend, nice to interact with you. I believe we know each other from a previous school, team, or club. I wanted to share an important piece of information that you might want to react to: I am interested in going to an event near you tomorrow.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys attending get-togethers that are not far away, this is the notification for you. If your primary motivation for showing up at a gathering is that it’s close by, you’re in luck.

Apart from its general vicinity and date, I must admit that I don’t know much about the event. I’m assuming it will involve culture or politics or mushrooms, but I’ve yet to do a deep dive into the details. What I am sure of is that it’s taking place prior to midnight on the next calendar day in a location not far from where my computer thinks you live.

How close will the event be to your actual place of residence? I can’t be sure. I’m awful with neighborhoods and street names and, really, specificity of any kind. All I know is that today is today, and tomorrow is when I might be doing something fairly proximate to your whereabouts.

How far can you throw? Because I was going to humorously estimate that this affair is likely just a stone’s toss from your apartment. But don’t take that literally because I don’t how to measure arm strength. I suppose it would depend on how big a stone we’re talking about. Also, I was never much of a thrower. More of a soccer guy.

While I’m interested in this event, I haven’t totally committed. I haven’t bought a ticket or promised anyone I’d be there. I have merely determined that the potential topic (pretty sure it’s mushrooms) interests me enough to tell the entire world that I could very well be there if I have nothing better to do.

Will I be there for sure? Possibly. Let’s just say if you’re wondering where I’m going to be at some point in the next 24 hours there’s a chance the answer is “near you.”

But don’t show up expecting me to be there, because I might not be. I haven’t completely decided one way or the other. Normally I’m quite decisive. My favorite color? Navy blue. Favorite Miles Davis album? A tie between “Kind of Blue” and “Greatest Hits.”

Remember that while I’ve committed to possibly being at the event, I’ve said nothing about actively participating. There’s a good chance that if I do attend I will simply watch judgmentally.

I’m not expecting a reaction from you right now, I just wanted to alert you to my interest. Which is sincere enough for me to have tapped my trackpad.

I should add that I am celebrating an upcoming birthday soon. I have not yet planned an event, but if I do I will send you an invite. Let me know if you’re interested in going.