I know some of you think I’m being dramatic, but after watching the debate, it’s clear that our democracy is facing a chilling scenario. I never thought I would see the day, but I’m now convinced that Joe Biden will steal the election in November simply by being the more popular candidate and getting many, many more votes than his opponent.

If you think Biden’s not capable of it, you must be blind. Just look at his campaign website. It’s all there: plans for protecting frontline workers, plans for the environment, plans for ending gun violence, the list goes on and on! It’s absolutely terrifying. They aren’t all perfect, sure, but they are thoughtful policy ideas for addressing our nation’s problems instead of continuing on our current, and might I add, very successful trajectory of turning our country into a post-apocalyptic hellscape, shitshow, nightmare, dumpster fire that will soon need a wall to keep people in.

You might say, well, who’s actually paying attention to any of that? All that talk from the Biden campaign of policy and responsibility and unity is just posturing for his base. What most Americans want are racist tweets, gross exploitation of the office of the president for personal gain, and an ongoing feud with a dead John McCain.

But unfortunately, that’s just not the case. More and more people are being sucked in by sick propaganda that makes them think a candidate should have at least a half-ounce of integrity. It’s like these people drank the Kool-Aid, and the Kool-Aid turned them into hippie freaks who want a president WHO WILL CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACY.

And get this, people are being pulled in by cheap ploys like Joe Biden’s sensible use of a mask. Can’t they see that he’s just wearing a mask to be safe and also to set an example as a leader by demonstrating one easy thing everyone can do to help save lives during this, our hour of crisis?

And the Biden campaign is getting even more brazen. They aren’t even trying to hide their plans to steal the election by getting more votes! They think people will vote for Biden because he’s not a tax cheat like his opponent! They openly released his tax returns! They showed that he paid a reasonable amount of taxes based on his income! That’s exactly the kind of crap that will help you steal an election by winning it in a landslide!

But perhaps worst of all, and the thing that most people seem to be forgetting, is that Biden has access to the original playbook on how to steal an election. Has everyone forgotten he was Obama’s VP? Remember how Obama stole not one but two elections by doing the exact same thing? Remember all of those people at his inauguration? The ones who voted for him? How they cheered and cried tears of joy, so overcome with pride in our democracy?

Take heed and mark my words — that could happen again!