Say hello to your new favorite travel companion. Inspired by your wealthy childhood best friend, The Juliette bag transforms the lives of those it enters and haunts those who refuse to buy into it.

Product Details:

#1 Rated

This is the bag that launched a thousand Instagram ads featuring creative #bossbabes you’ve never heard of but implicitly trust because we told you to. There’s only one reason you haven’t opened up your own small press/wine bar in the Catskills: You don’t own this bag.

Made from soft, well-worn Italian leather

The Juliette comes “broken-in” so you can look like the kind of carefree woman who lives for spontaneous travel, not the kind of seasonally-depressed woman who hasn’t left her studio apartment in three days.

Optional Monogramming

Monogramming is the first step in establishing your personal brand, a must for any serious #bossbabe. So go ahead and make your Juliette uniquely you — because no one has your name, unless it’s Emily or Allison.

Exterior zip pocket perfectly fits a laptop

With the Juliette you can finally bring your laptop to that writing retreat upstate. Because that’s obviously the only reason you haven’t written anything in over a year.


Each bag is made up of nine recycled apple cider vinegar bottles sourced from our #bossbabes recycling bins. Want to claim moral superiority while continuing to drink coffee from a styrofoam cup because you claim it tastes better? Buy. This. Bag.

Detachable straps for flexibility

The Juliette is a bag that could carry you through a transformative, eight-hour ayahuasca trip, or a deadening eight-hour business trip. This is your ride or die bag, mostly die though.

Fills a void!

A little algorithm birdy told us your feelings of self-worth are directly tied to your purchasing habits. That’s why we sent you this on the same day your wealthy childhood best friend is opening her small press/wine shop in the Catskills with her ruggedly handsome fiancé, Maarten. He’s Dutch!

We want you to know that your deep-seated insecurities are valid and you should absolutely act on them now.

- - -

Illustrations by Ali Solomon